Almost 6 Years…

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September 17, 2014 will be 6 years since this camera changed media forever. Incredible.


New v1.1.0 Firmware is Released!

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Just got the email! Here’s the link:

I’m going to install it now, will report back.


OK, the firmware took 2 minutes flat to load, real easy, right off my CF card.

The manual mode works GREAT! Once in LiveView:

  1. Hit the ISO button to set it (shows up right on the big LCD). This is great, because we ALWAYS want ISO below 1000 unless you want the grain.
  2. Index-finger wheel sets the shutter speed.
  3. Wheel on back sets the aperture.

Done! We’re going to wonder how we ever DIDN’T have manual control before… lol.

OK Canon, add 24p (and 25p for our overseas friends), and the competition is buried.

New Home for

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For those who had visited last fall and wondered what happened to it, I simply didn’t have the time to manage the website since I had built it from scratch. Now that I’ve discovered WordPress (thanks to Peter Salvia at, I have a quick and easy place to list the items I come across. As soon as I set this site up, I’ll post some info on how to smoothly view and edit full HD 5D2 video in Windows (even on my older 2.0gHz dual core laptop! Yep!). Stay tuned!